Memories From Hawaii

January 24, 2014

The Beach

The sounds of a lilting island song echoed softly in the background as I stood in the sand, letting the waves lap over my feet and watching distant ships make their way slowly across the orange and pink stained sky. It was a perfect moment. An uncontrollable grin broke across my face as I found myself thinking, “Is this really okay? Am I really allowed to be this happy?” 

A simple and yet overwhelming joy had just bubbled up from nowhere, for no particular reason except that it’s just so good to be alive in this world— and suddenly I found myself reminded of that fact. This, I know, is the reason why I have to keep traveling. It’s why I can never stay put… Because if I stay put too long, I forget. [Read the rest]

I’m Back!

January 15, 2014

Aloha from Honolulu, Hawaii!

In mid October 2013, I came to Honolulu on a one-way flight from Seattle. I had no plan— no place lined up to stay, no job, no connections, no nothing. But I had been doing freelance writing, editing, translation, and English teaching work online for the past few months, and although my income was still modest, I was confident that I could at least earn enough to pay for food and a roof over my head. And after a few months cooped up in my parents’ house, that pesky inner restlessness of mine was starting to make me antsy. I just had to go. [Read the rest]