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Everywhere is Boring (Or, Why I Travel)


Yes, that’s right: Everywhere is boring. I’m sorry to say it, but it’s the truth.

Everywhere, there are people who wake up at the same time every morning, eat the same breakfast, and drag themselves off to the same uninspiring jobs.

They pass the same scenery they do every day, which their glazed eyes look at without seeing.

They deal with the same annoying people at work, whose annoying behaviors pile up like dust on the surface of consciousness, until nothing but the dust is visible.

They travel home at the end of the day, whether by bus or train or car or bicycle, and drown out the stress of the day with television or drinking or sleeping.

They are the weary Everyone, and they live Everywhere: In Rome, in Tokyo, in Denver, in Moscow, in Bangkok, in Mexico City.

When starry-eyed travelers exclaim in delight how wonderful Everywhere is, Everyone replies with a perplexed expression, “Why? What’s so wonderful about it?”

But the travelers know something Everyone does not: Everywhere is wonderful.

Everywhere there is delicious food, fascinating history, beautiful nature, and interesting buildings. Everywhere there are people– kind people, funny people, interesting people, perplexing people. Everywhere there is something new to discover about the world and about yourself. Everywhere there is adventure to be had.

But when you’re just another Everyone living Everywhere, it’s far too easy to forget all this. What may have once been fascinating becomes commonplace, and what may have once been inspiring becomes mundane. Before you know it, the dust of Everyday life piles up and covers the treasures all around you.

And that is why I travel, why I can’t stay put in one place– because Everywhere is boring, but it’s also not. And I never want to forget that.


So, for the past few weeks my life has been a little crazy. I’ve been traveling so much I almost feel like I live in airports, but although it’s been tiring it has been worth it. After a month hopping around different locations in the US visiting several friends and relatives I hadn’t seen in far too long, I traveled to Berlin for the Polyglot Gathering, which was just as interesting and inspirational as it was last year! And I am currently in Tbilisi, Georgia (see the above photo!) visiting a good friend of mine. I will share more about some of the things I’ve been up to in upcoming posts, but just thought I’d give you a quick update for now!

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  • Ahh you’re in Georgia the country in Europe and not Georgia the state in the US. I’ve been to the latter but not the former :s

    • Yes, Georgia the country! I’ve never been to the state myself.

      • I was there once in a July and bought fresh peach ice cream from a farm when driving through the country, which was nice. The humidity was the worst though.

        • Ah, that sounds lovely! I think I could deal with the humidity after having lived in Japan. ^^;

          • Heh, it wasn’t completely new to me as I used to visit my grandma in the Australian outback a lot when I was little where the temperature during summer could get up to 50ºC122ºF.

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